A Listening Experience That Leads To Change.

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A Listening Experience That Leads To Change.

Because music is so powerful we believe that everyone must be mindful of what they listen to. God made us like computers that process every data from and input terminal. The kind of information (DATA) is processed and returned as an output.

If you feed a computer program with a corrupt data, chances are that the computer will give you back a corrupt result. This scenario is very clear to us living in our human body. We are what we listen to. Remember that faith comes by hearing and by hearing the word of God. I must share that a decision to listen to spiritual songs will always go a long way to transform our lives into the very best of what God has for us. Through spirit filled songs inspired by the Holy Ghost a listener can receive total healing of a chronic disease. A heart broken person receives comfort, and i can go on and on to prove the reasons and benefits why we should listen to great songs from God Almighty.

Sprint Life Radio is always going to have this mission in mind. A mission to lead the world to Christ in all possible totality. God bless you for being here, lets form a culture of listening and sharing this vision to the world.

Eyram Ahribi

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