Sin & How To Overcome It.

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Sin & How To Overcome It.

What does the bible say about sin & how can you overcome it?

1 Chronicles 7; verses 11, 14, 15 & 16

Vs. 11 “the lord appeared to Solomon at night and said

I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a temple of sacrifices”.

As Christians, Once you open your mouth to profess the sinner’s prayer, your life and everything in its entirety belongs to God. You fire yourself as the CEO of your life and hand over your life to God to be the CEO. Our bodies are the temple of the lord and it therefore means that God has chosen our body as a place for HIMSELF and also as a temple for his sacrifices, therefore your body must give honor to God. Our bodies should not be used as an instrument for sin but rather to honor God through our acts of worship. Worship isn’t just singing songs, it’s also a lifestyle of giving honor to God in everything that you do.


Vs. 14 “if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways then I will forgive their sins and heal their land”.

Sin destroys us both spiritually and physically. Sin extinguishes the fire of the Holy Spirit in us and causes us to fall into a deep cycle of a sinful lifestyle. It starts out with little things and eventually graduates to being big. You need to understand that if you want a fruitful and solidified relationship with Christ you can’t let sin be your master, you can’t let sin control you. Sin does not only separate you from Christ but it leads to eternal death if proper care isn’t taken, but the good news is Christ died for you and I. He came to wash away our sins and reconcile us with our Heavenly Father. We are not perfect by any means, we continually sin day in and day out and we fall short of the glory of God. Sometimes we sin knowingly and unknowingly but regardless of how we sin or what we do, there is peace knowing that the blood of Jesus still speaks on our behalf and we are able to ask forgiveness and be forgiven as long as we repent from our sins. So today, I plead with you that if you’ve been living a sinful lifestyle and you know deep down in your heart that you’ve been grieving the Holy Spirit, I urge you to seek the face of the father for forgiveness, it’s not just apologizing for your sin, but it’s also repenting and making sure you don’t repeat that same sin again. Don’t apologize and go back to sin. Make sure you repent and break that cycle through the authority you have in Christ Jesus.


Steps for repentance:

  1. Admitting you have sinned, you have done wrong to God.

(Bible says in Romans 2:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God)

  1. A prayer confessing your sins, if possible specify. Be transparent & open with God.
  1. Seeking the face of God and asking for repentance. This means being intentional about spending quality time with God and making sure you are drawing yourself close to God by reading of the word, prayer and communing with the Holy Spirit.

During this time God purges you, purifies you, cleans you, makes you whole and realigns you.

Make sure you also have an accountability partner, someone you can speak to when tempted to go back to sin. (Ex: Pastor, Parent, or Godly friend)

 Now after seeking the face of God there must be a change to indicate that you have actually repented. You can’t just merely confess with your mouth and go back to that lifestyle, you have to make sure your prayers have produced fruits of repentance which are evident in your life.

When you start producing fruits of repentance it means you have successfully turned from your wicked ways as the verse instructs us to do so.

This will cause God to hear you, this will pave way for your prayer of forgiveness to be heard and the lord God who has promised us in his word that when we ask for forgiveness he’ll forgive us will surely forgive you. God will forgive you all your sins and make you white as snow, remembering them no more

 Vs. 15 “Now my eyes will be open and my ears will be attentive to prayers offered in this place.”

While living in sin the lord is deaf to your prayers because of the sinful lifestyle you were in, but now that you’ve repented and turned from your evil ways, the lord eyes HAVE now been open towards you and his EARS can now hear your needs

Sin shuts the door of prayers. Sin causes your prayers to be unheard and unanswered. When you’re in sin and you are praying, you are praying in vain because the prayers won’t be answered until there is a repentance.

To ensure your prayers are being answered don’t live in sin. Yes it’s hard, but his grace is ever sufficient to help us overcome sin.

For God doesn’t answer the prayers of a sinful man. (Unless he is answering the prayers to manifest his glory or fulfill a purpose)

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